Fossil Export

Export of fossils from British Columbia to outside of Canada requires a federal export permit under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act and issued by the Department of Canadian Heritage. The export of cultural property, including fossils, is administered by the Movable Cultural Property Program. A Guide that provides details on permit requirements, the application process, as well as limits on what can be exported, can be found on the Canadian Heritage webpage.

As stated on the website, mineral and paleontology specimens in "bulk" from a single outcrop, quarry or locality are controlled to prevent the loss from Canada of an entire unique significant occurrence of either material. The Canadian Cultural Property Control List in the Guide provides specific information on what fossils require an export permit.

An export permit under the Act can only be issued in the name of an applicant who is a resident of Canada and is not transferable. A person who is a resident of Canada may act as an agent and apply for an export permit on behalf of the owner of an object whether or not the owner is a resident of Canada.

Application forms are available from the Department of Canadian Heritage or designated Canada Border Services Agency permit issuing offices (CBSA). Vancouver and Victoria have designated CBSA offices in British Columbia.