BC Fossils Poster

Journey Through Time With BC's Fabulous Fossils!

The BCPA has produced a beautiful full-colour poster highlighting British Columbia's paleontological heritage, reproduced here. The poster illustrates many different fossils from British Columbia and places these heritage materials into the context of geological time. The poster is approximately 40 cm x 100 cm (16" x 40") in size and is suitable as a wall display.

Many people contributed to the creation of the poster. The basic summaries originated with students in the Introductory Paleontology class at University of Victoria, led by Leanne Pyle and Roshni Narayan, and including Ian MacLeod, Ikuko Wada, Dave Lane, Mia Pelletier, Jeremy Vincent, David Turner, Tyler Kuhn, Amber Church, Catherine Craig, Robin Black, Stephanie Dick and Jacqueline Blackwell; Chris Wilmot helped compile these contributions. Doug Embree, Betty Franklin, Skippy Miller and Jack Wittles contributed fossils illustrated in the poster. Editing and design were undertaken by Jim Haggart, Bob Campbell, Elizabeth Gibbs and Richard Hebda, and Melissa Grey tracked down copyright information. Final design and layout was undertaken by Robert Lundquist, with input from Dan Bowen.

Funding for printing the poster was provided by the Canadian Geological Foundation (CGF), the Paleontology Division of the Geological Association of Canada (PD-GAC), the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), and the BCPA. The Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada supported an effort to distribute a copy of the poster to each secondary school in British Columbia, in hope that it will prove to be a valuable and important resource for teachers covering units in Earth Science, at many grade levels.

Individuals and organizations can purchase copies of the poster at the price of $11.00 each, or $8.00 each for 10 or more, postage paid. Should you wish to obtain additional copies of the poster, please direct your request to the BCPA Poster Coordinator.