Paleontological Research Sites

The BCPA recognises that valid scientific research, undertaken or supervised by bona fide professional research paleontologists, may require that some fossil sites remain undisturbed for the duration of the study. Such sites can be designated Paleontological Research Sites (PRS) and researchers can apply to the BCPA for PRS status. Paleontological Research Sites are established typically for periods of six months to two or more years, depending on the nature of the research. Collecting by BCPA members will be prohibited for the duration of the Paleontological Research Site designation. At the conclusion of the assigned study period, the site will revert to normal status unless the researcher demonstrates to the satisfaction of the BCPA that it should be further protected.

The BCPA is encouraging provincial ministries and legislators to help develop a process whereby Paleontological Research Sites can be designated promptly and with the input of the BCPA.

The application for a Paleontological Research Site can be found here.